1967-1969 Camaro Torque Arm Suspension

Speedtech Performance
Speedtech Torque Arm Suspension first gen Camaro

 The Speedtech Performance Torque Arm rear suspension for '67-'69 Camaros and Firebirds is designed to drastically improve performance handling and every day drive quality of your leaf spring car. Unique in it's design, this package will virtually eliminate the inherent change in geometry and possible traction issues commonly associated with leaf spring and 4 link type systems. To read more on why this system is better when compared to others. Relatively easy to install and reasonably priced, it's the perfect Camaro rear suspension upgrade and companion to a well matched Speedtech front suspension.

  • Performance matched to Speedtech front subframes or can be used with stock GM frame.
  • Installation requires only minor welding and NO cutting of floor boards.
  • Adjustable ride height, roll center, pinion angle, instant center, and wheelbase.
  • Articu-link lower control arms aid in eliminating suspension bind.
  • Panhard Bar mounting system accurately locates rear axle and allows for instant center adjustability.
  • Delrin bushings eliminate the flex of rubber, deformation and squeakiness of poly, and the noise, harshness and wear of metal bushings.
  • Viking Double Adjustable coilover shocks with thrust washers are included.
  • Coilover shocks allow 2 1/2" of ride height adjustment.
  • Kits available for 9” Ford, 12 bolt and 10 Bolt GM differentials.
  • Optional complete rear axle with all brackets installed. 
  • Will accept up to a 345mm tires on a 20x12” rim in mini-tubbed applications.
  • Accepts Air Ride Shockwave systems.

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